Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is Anansesem intended for?

Anansesem is intended for both children and adults. Our young contributors are 8- to 17-year-olds and so 8- to 17-year-olds will enjoy reading the stories, children's nonfiction articles and poems, and viewing the art, on this site. Adults and children can read certain sections of the site together. Adults who read, study, or teach about children's literature will find the opinion pieces, critical book reviews and guest posts by our adult contributors useful.

Do you publish work by adults?

Yes. In addition to publishing work by 8- to 17-year-olds, Anansesem publishes writing for children and children's illustration by adults.

How can I submit my work to Anansesem?

Please see our Submission Guidelines for a detailed answer to this question.

Do you know of any other magazines that exclusively publish work by Caribbean children and/or teens?

No. As far as we know Anansesem is the only such magazine. However, there are a number of Caribbean essay and art contests for children and teens such as the annual Wadadli Pen competition in Antigua and Barbuda and the annual OECS essay competition.

How many years has Anansesem been published?

Anansesem was launched in May 2010. In 2020, shortly after its 10th anniversary, the magazine ceased publication indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where does the name “Anansesem” come from?"

"Anansesem" more or less means "spider tales" and is a term used to describe Anansi stories. Anansi is a half-man, half-spider trickster figure from Caribbean folklore. You can read about about the history of Anansi and Caribbean Anansi stories on our Why Anansesem? page.

Why don’t you accept submissions via postal mail?

Online submissions are easier to manage and faster to review. Because Anansesem does not have a physical office, we find it more efficient to manage submissions online. Also, digital submissions are cost-effective for our contributors because there is no need to spend money on postage and SASEs (self-addressed, stamped envelopes.)

Is Anansesem available in print?

No. Publication of Anansesem is online-only. We are a small operation and currently do not have the funds to cover printing costs. Publishing online allows us to circulate the magazine widely and also, to keep it free.

What kind of rights does Anansesem require for the work it publishes?

When we select *children's work* for publication, we send a permission contract to the author’s parents. In exchange for publication, we ask for exclusive first time on-line electronic rights for children's work and non-fiction and fiction by adults. As you will see in our Submission Guidelines, we may sometimes accept previously published poems and art by adults, however you must inform us of the publication specifics (including links to online locations, if applicable.) We also assume the right to include your work in the website's archives and t
o digitally distribute and archive your work through downloadable media (i.e. .PDF or .DOC files.) We ask for exclusive online rights for 90 days after publication, after which you are free to publish your work elsewhere, as often as you like, either online or in print; we don't believe in holding writers' and artists' work captive in any way. It would be nice if you could cite or mention us as a previous publisher of your work so that more people can find us.

Does Anansesem pay contributors for their work?

Again, Anansesem is a small operation and although we would love to compensate you financially for your work, we simply cannot afford to at this time. What we do offer is exposure for your work and a chance to build up your resume. Children will also benefit from the validation of seeing their work online.

Do you have any job openings?

Sorry, we do not have any jobs openings at this time. You can find out about volunteer opportunities we offer here.

What are some good Caribbean children's books that my child can read?

Please check out our list of Caribbean children's and young adult books. You can also browse our online bookstore to see children's books from specific Caribbean countries.
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