With the shut-down of (the web application used to archive our chats), #Caribbeankidlitchat has been suspended until further notice.

On April 2, 2015 (International Children's Book Day), Anansesem hosted its first ever Twitter chat with guest authors Lynn Joseph, Ramin Ganeshram, Tracey Baptiste, and moderator Summer Edward. The chat focused on diversity, diversifying Caribbean children's lit narratives and the (often problematic) relationship between Caribbean children's literature and US publishing.

The first #Caribbeankidlitchat was enthusiastically received. The Tweet Reach analysis of the chat below confirms the impact of using a social media forum like Twitter to reach and engage the kid lit community:

#Caribbeankidlitchat (that's the official hash tag) is a twitter chat, held about once every two months, for anyone involved in the writing, editing, reading, marketing or publishing of Caribbean children's literature. We welcome readers, librarians, teachers, parents, booksellers, packagers, etc. to engage in discussions concerning the market, craft, the classroom, children, shelving, content, policy, etc.

#Caribbeankidlitchat takes place at 7PM EST (usually on Thursdays) and goes until 8:30PM. The chats are guided discussions (there is a moderator) and participants are asked to stay on topic. The best way to participate is using if you have a Twitter account and if you don't.

We plan to have this chat once per month. We are currently seeking participants (guest authors and publishing professionals) as well as volunteers to help spread the word and serve as moderators (as long as you are qualified to do so).

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages where we will announce future chats:

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