Volunteer Opportunities

Anansesem team members are dedicated volunteers who genuinely care about children’s literature. If the idea of reading, learning about, and promoting Caribbean literature for young audiences gives you the warm fuzzies, then volunteering with us just might be for you.

Our volunteers are ambassadors not only for Anansesem, but for Caribbean children’s and young adult literature. Naturally, volunteers are expected to take ownership of what they bring to the ezine and to engage with our growing community of fans and readers. Sustained interest is an important part of this role.

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

To apply, please send resume and a brief introductory email to:

(NOTE: Anansesem shut down during the pandemic and this email address is now defunct.)

Level of Commitment

Everyone is doing this out of love. You may put in as many hours as you like, as long as the work is completed. Please let us know which position you are applying for in the email. We have the following positions open:

Country Correspondent
Advisory Board Member

*We strive to make certain benefits (such as gift cards) available from time to time for volunteers. These are entirely within our discretion and may be changed at any time.

How Much Work Will It Be?

Correspondents are required to write at least one post every 2 months, but you are welcome to write up to 3 posts a month. Correspondents are responsible for making media connections as their writing requires, and for sourcing images for their posts.

Who Qualifies?

We do require that volunteers meet certain standards and qualifications; they must be avid readers of Caribbean children’s and young adult literature, have real-world experience (mainstream or indie) in a field/profession related to children’s/YA literature, and must be strong writers and communicators. Having an online presence (blog, Twitter page etc.) that demonstrates your commitment to children’s literature/children’s publishing is a plus.

Other Qualifications

Strong demonstrated interest in Caribbean or multicultural children’s literature
Excellent email etiquette
Team player
Strong communicator

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