Celebrating 10: Introducing Anansesem's New Publication Model

We're pleased to announce that Anansesem will start using a new publication model in 2020, to mark the beginning of our tenth year of existence. In summary, the ezine will move away from a submission-based model and towards a citizen journalism model of regional and international news-gathering.

Since our founding in 2010, the number of submissions to Anansesem has become unmanageable for our small team of volunteer editors. The move to a citizen journalism model will allow the ezine to continue achieving its mission ("fostering a vibrant community around Caribbean children's and young adult [CHYA] books and broadening public, literary and artistic awareness, and critical appreciation, of Caribbean CHYA literature") without sacrificing editorial quality and efficiency.

Starting in 2020, we are piloting having Country Correspondents in as many countries as possible, who will send us information about going-ons in their country related to Caribbean CHYA literature. Country Correspondents are savvy writers who are highly knowledgeable about CHYA publishing issues and who are dedicated to championing people whose voices and experiences are rarely seen in "mainstream" media coverage of CHYA literature. Country Correspondents are responsible for collecting stories and then reporting the news in writing, to be published on our website. The post is unpaid, as are all advisory board members. If you would like to become a Country Correspondent and we have a vacancy for your country, please contact us.

Our editorial teams of past and present are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an incredible, talented body of approximately 200 contributors over the last ten years. We will continue to champion their work, even as we discover new voices and talent. We will also continue to advocate for operational funding for small Caribbean literary arts publications like ours, in hopes that Anansesem may one day be able to pay staff, writers and illustrators for their invaluable work.

Stay tuned for an introduction to our new, fast-growing team of Anansesem Country Correspondents!

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Anansesem is an online magazine of Caribbean children's and young adult literature by adults and children. We strive to bring you the best in news, reviews and creative content from the world of Caribbean children's publishing.
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